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day6 was founded in April 2007 with the main objective of
achieving your own goals. With the perfect combination
of imagination and logic, day6 provides
innovative and effective solutions
for every communication need.




Above the Line
Prints, Brochures, TV, Radio, Outdoor

Below the Line
Direct Marketing, Promotions, POP Material, Press-Kit,
Event Marketing, Exhibitions, Database Marketing,
Loyalty and Reward Programs

Corporate Identity
Naming, Logo and Corporate Identity Design, Packaging,
In-Store Branding

Web Design, Social Media Applications, Online Advertising, e-newsletter


CD toaster

Additional Info

  • Project title: Special project
  • Project description:

    Day6 Advertising

    In day6, when we say we are "burning" a CD for our customers, we mean it! So we do not provide it in a simple case, they receive it fresh and warm in a toaster!

  • Project color: 194,25,108
  • Filter: Special Projects

D6 Day6 Toaster CD 01D6 Day6 Toaster CD 02D6 Day6 Toaster CD 03