The 3 steps to success!

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  • Project title: Promotional event
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    HENKEL Keratin Color

    One hair dye, with main characteristic the 3 Keratin steps that offer you perfect color and protection.
    Towards this direction, we sent to the Supermarkets' managers an invitation that included one pair of castanets, inviting them to set the rhythm for discovering along with us the 3 steps of the successful sales' dance.
    We greeted our guests at the Athens Concert Hall. With an impressive hologram-3D presentation, we highlighted the characteristics of Keratin Color.
    The lights go out, the castanets give the rhythm and presentation passes into another dimension...
    The three dancers, following the choreography made by Galena Velikova, synchronize their bodies with the movements of the 3D effects and the steps of their flamenco dance transfer us into a magical first time seen spectacle in Greece!
    The event comes to its end with dinner and discussion.

  • Project color: 159,7,203
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