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  • Project title: Facebook Game
  • Project description:

    Metaixmio Publications

    Broken pots, suitcases full of counterfeit money, traces of blood and poisonous snakes! These are only a few of the mysterious evidence you will find at the crime scene, that is at the four crime scenes we have created for the fans of noir books among others!
    How capable inspector are you? Let your imagination go wild, combine all the evidence you will find and present your “lethal” theory to solve the mystery.
    Be careful though: Your theory must be solid; even the tiniest inconsistency can make you look suspicious!

  • Project color: 194,25,108
  • Filter: Digital

Metaixmio Noir CrimeScenes ALL OUT-01Metaixmio Noir CrimeScenes ALL OUT-02Metaixmio Noir CrimeScenes ALL OUT-03Metaixmio Noir CrimeScenes ALL OUT-04Metaixmio Noir CrimeScenes ALL OUT-05Metaixmio Noir CrimeScenes ALL OUT-06

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